DOMENICO RICCI, born in Susa, Italy, on 31 October 1971, is a pianist, composer, and conductor.

He was professor of Analysis and Composition Techniques at the Conservatorio de S. José da Guarda (Portugal), where he now holds the chair of Piano. He has performed solo piano recitals and in chamber ensembles in several European and American towns. As a piano soloist, he has performed with the U. Giordano Orchestra Sinfonica in Foggia, where he played W. A. Mozart’s Concerto K. 467 for piano and orchestra. He has won many prizes in different music competitions, both as an interpreter and composer.

With Crux, written for choir, he won the Sixth National Composition Contest in Castagneto Carducci. This work was published by the Rugginenti Editore, and it was performed, among others, by the Civico Coro di Milano, conducted by Mino Bordignon, and the Odyssea Chorus, conducted by Gonçalo Lourenço.

His other compositions are Fantasia, for piano and orchestra, performed by the Orchestra Arte e Cultura; In Aqua Veritas, for ensemble, performed at the Sintese-2010 International Contemporary Music Festival; Suite das Beiras for orchestra; Ricercare per n strumenti e pubblico, played at contemporary music concerts (Vila do Conde, Lisbon – Festival do Avante, Guarda).

Domenico has worked as a piano accompanist for many years, and his extensive repertoire includes all the major classical music works in the world. His extraordinary sight-reading skills earned him many different job offers.

He has worked, for example, with the Teatro Savoia in Campobasso, for the mounting of Elisir d’Amore by G. Donizetti and La Serva Padrona by G. B. Pergolesi. He was invited to collaborate as a piano accompanist in competitions, masterclasses, and courses for musical specialization. Among these, we point out:

  • The Second Chamber Music Specialization Course with Maestro M. Franceschelli in Perugia;

  • International Saxophone Course with Maestro Jean-Marie Londeix (point of reference for all saxophonists in the world), in Macerata;

  • International Advanced Music Specialization Course with Maestro Jean-Marie Londeix, in Serracapriola.

Among others, he was conductor of:

  • The Twelve Sax ensemble;

  • The Orchestra della Regione Molise;

  • The Orchestra della Provincia di Foggia

  • Performances of the work La Serva Padrona by G. B. Pergolesi, and of La colonia penale by Philip Glass.

  • Sìntese-grupo de Mùsica Contemporânea Ensemble.

  • Mestres de Capela orchestra from Sé da Guarda.

As an orchestrator he won the Young Musicians competition held by the Lion’s Club.

In Portugal he has promoted and put on important concerts featuring renown artists in the Portuguese field of music. Besides, as a conductor and pianist he was responsible for the following world premières:

  • Na Colônia Penal by Philip Glass, with J. Corvelo as baritone, S. Martins as tenor and A. Rodrigues as director;

  • Cansò for ensemble by E. Patriarca; “Canzona II” by Christopher Bochmann;

  • Ecos de Jerusalém by José Carlos Sousa;

  • Fractal Points by Eduardo Patriarca with the pianist Fausto Neves; “M(C)MX” by Helder Filipe Gonçalves;

  • Deconstructing Pastorale for saxophone, voice, piano and electronica by H. Gonçalves;

  • In Darkness for saxophone, voice and piano by R. Vogel;

  • Sarabanda for saxophone, voice, piano and chimes by M. A. Turnage;

  • Quartet by A. Webern

  • Neuf Histoirettes for saxophone, voice and piano by J. Françaix;

  • Terror and Magnificence for saxophone, voice and piano by J. Harle;

  • Klonos for saxophone and piano by P. Swerts;

  • Ostinati for saxophone and piano by F. Devresse.

He has been president and conductor of the Sìntese-grupo de Mùsica Contemporânea ensemble, with which he also recorded a contemporary Lusitanian music CD.

He is a polyhedral composer and a versatile musician. Because of this he has received many invitations to play other genres than classical music, particularly Fado de un Povo, Menina and Fado Dentro performed by Fatum Ensemble, with the fadista Micaela Vaz and the soprano Ana Barros.