Frequently Asked Questions

What are the products available on

On this website you can find high-quality piano accompaniment mp3 tracks of all the most important classical music works. You will also find scores in PDF format, written by Domenico Ricci. Furthermore, we offer a special service of transcription on request, and the chance for you to ask for personalization (changes in time and breath marks) of any mp3 piano accompaniment available in our catalogue.

Who is intended for?

This website offers easy-to-use, intuitive and effective studying tools that are essential for every present-day musician who always wants to have at his/her disposal, on his/her own mobile, computer or tablet, high-quality piano accompaniments.

Is it easy to download the piano accompaniment tracks in mp3 format?

Yes, browsing through this website is rather easy. All you have to do is to select the item you wish to buy and then choose one of the methods of payment accepted on this website. Right after making the payment, you’ll be allowed to download the purchased track straight to your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Have you got any special advice on how to use the downloaded tracks?

No, just ensure you have got a good quality music system with a sufficient degree of amplification for using this tracks.

Do the recorded mp3 piano accompaniment tracks respect the original work in what concerns pauses, suspensions, fermatas, cadenze or beginnings without piano?

All tracks are recorded by respecting the metronymic instructions given by the composer (when available), or following the usual performing practice. Each recording was made with the intention of being as faithful as possible to the composer’s piece. In some cases, we introduced a synchronization note to mark the beginning of the piece or the resuming of a cadence. However, we suggest that you listen carefully to the track before using it.

What if the accompaniment I need is not available in the store?

Easy! Among the “Extra Services” of our website you can find a special form to make your request.

Is it possible to modify an mp3 file?

Of course! If you have already purchased an accompaniment track from our store, we can (on request and for free) personalize/modify some parameters such as the performance velocity, the introduction of synchronization notes, or simply change the time of a suspension. Just send us your request by filling in the special form you can find among our “Extra Services”.

How and in what circumstances can I use the files I purchased from this website?

The files available on this website are meant solely for a didactic purpose and they cannot be used in public performances without prior permission. The purchased items cannot be used for commercial purposes. It is forbidden to copy or distribute the items purchased on this website to third parties.

What if I choose the CD option?

If you also wish to receive a CD of the purchased tracks, you can have the CD shipped to your place in addition to the purchased item. In this case, shipping costs will be added to the total price.

Does offer a transcription service?

Sure! Among the “Extra Services” on our website, you can find a special form to make your request. The transcription will be made as soon as the customer agrees to the proposed conditions about prices and delivery time. Once the transcription is ready, it will be part of the items in stock in our store, purchasable by all of the site users. Then the purchase will follow the usual procedure.