Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions
Welcome to mypianoaccompaniment.com.
On this website you can buy mp3 piano accompaniment tracks, transcriptions, and original tracks. We hope that visiting this website your highest quality expectations will be satisfied and that the purchased products contribute to make your musical practice a path to excellence.
We would like to specify that mp3 piano accompaniments are not meant to substitute the accompanist, since the pianist live performance is irreplaceable. However, the excellence of the products at your disposal on this site can be an amazing help to improve your music performance. Please read carefully through our “Terms and Conditions” since the mere use of this website implies their acceptance by the user.

If you have any question, request or suggestion, please send a message to Mr. Domenico Ricci (pianist and composer), person in charge of this website.
You can write to him at the following address:
Urbanização dos Castelos velhos,
Rua Dr. Martins das Neves, Blocco 10
6300-372 Guarda

Or you can e-mail him at:

1 – Buying
First of all, you should ensure you have got the proper software and music equipment to get a good sound quality of the products on this website. Before buying any mp3 piano accompaniment, we suggest that you listen to the sample by clicking on the play button next to image of the item. In this way, you can listen to the wished track for a few seconds. This is a very important and essential operation since after purchasing the item it is not possible to cancel the transaction, nor getting a refund of the sum you paid for the purchased item. The volume of the demo can be slightly different in relation to the volume of the complete piano accompaniment .
Making a purchase is a very easy and intuitive operation. Just look for the item you wish to buy in our store, select it (MP3 and/or score in Pdf format), and add it into the shopping basket. After you have finished your selection you will just have to check out. You will be asked to create your own account where it will be necessary to provide personal information (see our Privacy Policy).
If you wish to buy a transcription, please fill in the provided form for this request. We will let you know how long the work of transcription will take us and the price (which will vary depending on the degree of difficulty of the transcription). After the buyer agreement on our conditions, the requested transcription will be part of the items in stock in our store, purchasable by all of the site users, and the purchase will follow the usual procedure. We would like to point out that the payment must take place as soon as the requested transcription is available in the store. These conditions also applies for tracks that are not yet available in the store.

After buying an MP3 piano accompaniment, you can ask for a personalization (changes in the velocity of execution, change the time of a suspension or introduce breath marks) of the track for free. You can make this request by filling in the provided form on this site. This service is for free, however the user may make a donation by bank transfer.

Please note: we reserve the right to alter the prices of all products on this website store, but I shall give due notice if this happens.

2- Copyright Policy
All of the musical contents and web design available on mypianoaccompaniment.com (images, trademarks, logos, music, pictures, computer design code, structure, aspect, and mode of employment) belong to, are controlled by or granted a license to Mr. Domenico Ricci, and are protected against illegal use. By illegal use we mean any copying and distributing (in any kind of format, even digital) of files from this site.

Our items can be purchased only for personal didactic use, and not for commercial use. Therefore, it is not allowed to resell, modify or give away to third parties the purchased products without the author’s permission. For this purpose you can contact Mr. Domenico Ricci at the addresses showed above.

The images that accompany the products have purely aesthetic function, are public domain and the source / origin / authorship, and will be, wherever possible, cited. These images are not therefore intended for commercial purposes. If we are informed that this image(s) can not be used on the site, contrary to what we think, will be removed promptly.

3 – Payment
Purchases made on mypianoaccompaniment.com are secure and guaranteed. They can be made in different ways with full transparency. You can pay the purchased items by choosing one of the options specified on our website: Paypal, credit card, or bank transfer. The Financial institutions responsible for transactions with paypal or credit card, use an encryption technology to guarantee the protection of your personal information.
Paying by bank transfer. If you choose to pay by bank wire transfer please send us proof that the payment has been made. To do so, e-mail us at info@mypianoaccompaniment.com showing the CRO number and the payment confirmation no later than 3 (three) business days after the date of your order. The purchased products will be send or shipped only after the amount due is credited to our account.
The payment has to be made no later than 2 (two) business days after the buyer’s acceptance of our contract. If you don’t pay within 2 days, or if you don’t prove your payment within 3 days, the order will be cancelled. The description of payment must necessarily report the number of the order and the buyer’s full name.

The bank transfer has to be made out to:
Beneficiario: Domenico Ricci
Banco: Banco Montepio Cidade Guarda
NIB: 0036.0432.99102373912.52
IBAN: PT50.0036.0432.99102373912.52


Paying by Credit Card.
The following credit cards can be used as payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Postepay, Discover, Aura.
If you choose to pay by credit card (the payment immediately takes place at the end of your transaction) your card will be charged solely for the amount of your purchase. During the credit card transaction, mypianoaccompaniment.com is never able to know personal information of the credit card holder; such information is directly transmitted from the bank that handles the transaction to our website. For this reason, mypianoaccompaniment.com cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use of credit cards by third parties during the payment of products purchased on this website.

Credit card security.
Is the use of my credit card secure on this site?
Yes, paying with your credit card is secure and we work to protect your personal data during your online shopping. To guarantee the maximum security of your payments, online credit card transactions on mypianoaccompaniment.com are made by using a secure server that adopts Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. This software encrypts information you input, so that they become unreadable to everyone except for the destination server. When you are paying for your order with your credit card, mypianoaccompaniment.com automatically directs you to a secure webpage (SSL) of the Bank that will handle the transaction. On this webpage the customer can type in his/her credit card details (card number and expiry date) in a totally secure way. Credit card data are transmitted directly to the Bank, maintaining the highest level of security. Unlike traditional business, where credit card details can be seen by the owner, the shop assistant or the waiter, online transaction is completely secure because nobody, mypianoaccompaniment.com included, can manage to know customers’ credit cards codes. Credit card code is solely used to make payments; if the transaction is successful, there will be immediate confirmation and mypianoaccompaniment.com will only receive a transaction identification number which will appear on the order. Your credit card details will not be stored in any of our files.

While typing in credit card details, buyers can verify in many ways if they are operating in a safe and secure way:
by receiving a warning message from the browser;
making sure that the web address in your browser window begins with Https://;
looking out for a key or padlock symbol either on the right or on the left bottom of your browser window: if you can see it, it means that SSL is working.

Paying with Paypal.
If you choose to pay with Paypal, you will be directed to the Paypal Log In webpage. The amount due will be charged on your PayPal account when you confirm your order. In no circumstances can mypianoaccompaniment.com know your financial details. Since there isn’t any data communication, they cannot, in any way, be stolen by anyone. Mypianoaccompaniment.com does not store your financial information in any of its computer files. For each transaction made by using your PayPal account, you will get a confirmation email from PayPal. For further information, please visit PayPal website.

4- Returns, refunds and cancellation policy.
Considering the kind of products purchased on this website, returns, refunds and cancellation of orders are not possible after the payment is made. So please ensure that you take care over ordering the products you want and that you have the proper equipment for the downloading of our files and for a good image and sound quality.
If you purchase an accompaniment in a CD format and there is a fault either for reasons unknown to us, or for which we are not responsible for, or if it is damaged on transit, please contact us and we shall be happy to replace the damaged item, and to provide at the shipping of the new one at no extra charge to yourself, provided the original good is returned to us.

5 – Privacy Policy

6 – Modifications to “Terms and Conditions”
Mypianoaccompaniment.com reserves the right to modify these “Terms and Conditions” in order to observe the laws relating to the intellectual property right and to meet the technological, financial and economic needs, with the object of better defending the rights of both parties. Furthermore, we advise you that mypianoaccompaniment.com reserves the right to remove comments in case of abuse or inappropriate language.